shortfilm, fictional | Germany/Vientam

Director: Duc Ngo Ngoc

Cinematographer: Meret Madörin

Editor: Katja Nguyen, Laura Espinel

Art Director: Kelly Hoang

Gaffer: Leander Ott

Assistant Camera: Delia Schiltknecht

Sound: Alex Praet

Musik: Franziska May

Colorist: Edmond Laccon


Producer: Pia Nogossek
Production: Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf, Potsdam & everrolling film Hanoi

Location: Hanoi & Ha Giang, Vietnam
in postproduction, 2020


17 years old Phuong meets her husband for the first time on her wedding day. She and her mother decided that Phuong should marry a rich Chinese man to relieve their family of their crushing financial situation and to enable Phuong to escape their poverty. But shortly after the wedding ceremony, it turns out that matchmaker Ms. Lan lied to them and that the new family is not who Phuong and her mother had hoped they would be. Phuong flees her own wedding and leaves her mother alone with the consequences. The matchmaker demands her money and the Chinese demand a bride. As Phuong comes back and refuses to go to China, her mother is forced to make a tough call. Who will be sacrificed when the family struggles to survive?